Exhaust system decat testpipe Nissan 370z Infiniti G37

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Decats dedicated to Nissan 350z / 370z and Infiniti G37 / FX37 / M37 / Q50 / Q60 / QX equipped with VQ37VHR / VQ35HR engines.

In order to achieve the best possible accuracy (fitment) and maximum flow rates, the decats were designed in CAD environment, based on 3D scans

They are made of stainless steel s304, welded with a shielding gas on both sides, which as a result, in addition to aesthetic qualities, allows to maintain anti-corrosion properties.

Test Pipes are a direct replacement for factory catalytic converters between the exhaust manifolds and the center section of the exhaust system (Y-Pipe).

They improve exhaust gas flow by reducing restriction, which as a result increases the power generated by the engine.

Weight5 kg
Dimensions50 × 30 × 30 cm


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